The Most Comprehensive VIP Mastermind To Help Your Fitness Business Grow In Profit  While You Work Less

from the owners of "One Of The Most Profitable Gyms Per Square Foot," 7-Figure Personal Trainers & Best Selling Authors, Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove


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We help YOU get 5–10 new paying clients every month + strategies to increase your revenue consistently + a system to keep the whole business humming without working all day every day. 

The phone call you never want to get.

We will never forget this moment. 

Because it reaffirmed everything we had been working toward for 4 years. 

And stays with us to this day as the number 1 driver on why we do what we do. 

Our business was still fairly new. 

(We were 4 years into growing it.) 

But luckily, we had invested in coaches, books, seminars, and the guidance we needed to set it up the way we wanted. 

And thank God we did, because that’s when we got the phone call… 

The phone call where a doctor on the other line said, “I’m sorry. You have stage 4 cancer.”

We dropped everything. 

In an instant, our top priority became Keep Alwyn Alive. 

We nearly lived at the hospital. 

We spent our time researching treatment options. 

And talking with other cancer survivors, too. 

We took care of each other while he (Alwyn) felt the horrible effects of chemo. 

And she (Rachel) grieved and worried and hoped. 

During this time, our business was not just on a back burner. It was completely off the “stove” of our focus. 

And even then, it continued to run smoothly without us. 

It continued to make money. 

And profit us an income that paid our medical bills + living expenses while we worked on Alwyn surviving. 

Obviously, he did. But it wasn’t that easy. 

Not only was he diagnosed with cancer AGAIN before going into remission, but he also went through a stem cell transplant as treatment, too. 

We hate to even think what would have happened to us if we HADN’T spent the 4 years prior building our business the way we did. 

In a way that allowed… 

➡️ New paying clients to flow in consistently & regularly. 

➡️ A smooth onboarding of clients (that our team took care of) and had them KNOWING they made the right decision. 

➡️ Excellent service, systemized and documented, so our staff knew exactly what to do each day, and our business had 5-star reviews. 

➡️ Most importantly, a profitable business model that didn’t require us to be anywhere. 

So that we could focus on Alwyn’s health with the freedom AND income to do just that. 

Once he put cancer behind him, it became our MISSION to help other Fitness Business owners do the same. 

Because the average fitness entrepreneur is barely scraping by. 

NOT prepared for a life curveball, like the one that we got. 

And that needs to change. 

This is what we do inside our V.I.P. Mastermind Coaching Program:

We help YOU get 5–10 new paying clients every month + strategies to increase your revenue consistently + a system to keep the whole business humming without working all day every day. 

AND you’ll keep getting paid a healthy income, too. 

How do we help you get there? 

With expert guidance & mentoring on WHAT you need to do first, second, & next… 

PLUS, crazy high-touch accountability to make SURE you keep taking action (you’ll even get our cell phone numbers)… 

PLUS, our entire operations system to keep your Fitness Business growing & paying you, even when you’re not there. 

(This is like opening a franchise and accessing the SECRET BLUEPRINT for success, WITHOUT having to pay us 6 figures up front or a royalty for life!) 

If your application is a good fit we’ll jump on a discovery call with you to learn more and invite you to join us.

We only have space for 10 new Fitness Business owners in the program, so don’t put this off. 

You never know when life is gonna throw you a curveball. And we’ve learned just how important it is to be prepared with a business that can support YOU through tough times. 

If you are willing to trust us, we’ll help you get there. 

Dedicated to your success,

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

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Before We Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program,

Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For . . . 

You're a passionate fitness business owner who loves to help people, who is ready to stop trading hours for dollars and would love a system that brings you 5-10 new clients a month building a business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, while having a whole lot more freedom to do what you want, when you want.   


⇒ you're maxed out with one-on-one clients yet still want to make more money and help more people.  

⇒ you're finding that doing the math at the end of the month there is no profit and you're breaking even. 

⇒ while you’re helping your clients get healthy you're at the end of your rope, unable to spend time with your family and ready to throw in the towel. You want to give your business one last ditch effort to grow your profits while working less.

 ⇒You've tried other programs, coaches and marketing systems realizing none of it has clicked and your business hasn't grown.

We’ve got HUNDREDS of success stories for each of the above scenarios and more.

You're in the right place, and we are going to tell you EXACTLY how Results University will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating the business and the life you've always dreamed of.

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During our time together

you will have…


  • Gained Clarity & Focus about the exact steps to take next

    (Instead of continuing to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the path ahead.)
  • Implemented Proven Systems into your business

    It's time to systemize and streamline your processes to be able to leverage your time to help an infinite number of people. We'll give you the systems.
  • An Effective Marketing Plan in place to attract new clients

    Instead of continuing to "wing" it, it's time to systemize your marketing using strategies that are proven to work to attract the right clients for your business.
  • Learned The Numbers to track in your business to guide every decision

    End the guesswork by tracking the right metrics to focus on exactly what needs improvement, without wasting time, and confidently predict where you'll be each month.
  • Be able to spend as much time as you choose working in the business

    You'll no longer be a slave to your business, and instead you will have the freedom to spend time doing what you love, along with making time for your family, friends, and life.

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Get Coaching. Get Results.

Our Mastermind Coaching Group is an exclusive group of fitness business owners working directly with Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove while supporting each other.

We're inviting you to coach directly with us to take your business to a new level. Each month we'll work together to identify the exact action steps you need to fast track your business, tackling your biggest blind spots, and lay the foundation for more clarity, focus, and success in 2024!

  • We'll start you off with a one-on-one coaching call to get your action steps in place.
  • From there we'll have a monthly small group accountability call with business owners JUST LIKE YOU where we'll plan your action steps for the month and hold you accountable.
  • You'll get a link to book a one-on-one call anytime you need it with Alwyn or Rachel and their direct text number for ongoing communication.
  • In addition, we'll unlock our vault full of done for you documents and systems including checklists, templates, and scripts for exactly what you need in your business.
  • Up to 5 additional log ins to the vault for your team.
  • You'll be invited to gain access to a Private Members Only Community to communicate with Alwyn, Rachel & the rest of the mastermind business owners to share ideas, wins & get input from eachother.
  • You'll be invited to two (2) Mastermind events a year, gathering the best Fitness Business Owners in the Industry together to share ideas and support each other. March 2024 & August 2024
  • All calls will be recorded so you can re-listen or share them with your team. 
  • You will have accomplished more in your business than you have in years!
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 Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful business owners asked before joining Results University

We believe that at the heart of every government.
Every corporation. 
Every small business. 
Every school. 
Every family.

There are just people.

And when we can impact one person through our superpowers -- strength training, cardio, nutrition, mindset and support we can make a difference to that person.

And that family. 
That school. 
That small business.
That corporation. 
That government.

And we can change the world.

It's what drives us to share the Results Fitness Methods to help more fitness business owners to change more people's lives.

And we'd love to have you join us.


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