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Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove, owners of one of the TOP TEN GYMS in the United States of America as named by Men's Health Magazine, invite you to join their Inner Circle for 14 days for FREE!

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Corona Virus has turned our world upside down fast! In this time of uncertainty, fear and anxiety you are being tested as a leader like no other time.

How will you lead your company through this? Will you look back and be proud of how you handled it?

As the people around us are scared, glued to the news, worried about the future and paralyzed it is our job to be the calm, steady leaders staying confident continuing momentum moving forward.

Step One - Focus on the future. When this is all over where will we be? Once the dust has settled will you have made the right pivots in your business, adapting and changing to continue to thrive? This will come to an end and we will look back and realize - wow we made it. That was crazy!

Step Two - Control the controllables - What can we control? We can control our response and not join into the panicked craziness. We can also use this time to get better, focus on personal development and learning the tools we'll need when this is all over. You actually have total control over your business so figuring out sooner than later what changes you need to make.

So are you going to spend your time caught up in the news, spinning around with fear, checking social media every 5 seconds??? Or are you going to use this time to focus on your business?

Our recommendation: Focus on your business, stay home and wash your hands!

This is the time to DOUBLE DOWN on your business! Make the big shifts you've been meaning to make! Start the online coaching option! Build your personal brand! And spend time feeding your brain with positivity!

So we've decided to help all of you in our own unique way with the feeding your brain with positivity part! Something we've never done before!

We are unlocking one of the courses in our Inner Circle, our Fitness Business Mastery Course for FREE for 14 days PLUS you'll have access to our webinar on Leading Your Business Through The "Here and Now."

In the Fitness Business Mastery Course you will learn directly from Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, who have built one of the TOP TEN GYMS in the United States (named by Men's Health Magazine) along with also being described as one of the most profitable gyms per square foot by the National Fitness Business Alliance.

They have also become sought after experts by many of magazines including Men's Health, Women's Health, Women's Running & more! Between them they have 11 best selling books and have consulted with companies such as Nike & Gatorade. 

It's time for you to learn from the BEST! Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove share their proven strategies to make more money, change more lives, and set yourself up for a wildly successful career doing what you.

You'll get access to all 7 modules immediately and can binge watch at your own pace! It's like the Netflix of continuing education for the fitness industry! 

Originally a two-day LIVE event in Rhode Island, where the investment was $200 plus airfare, hotel and travel expenses to attend this course, which was recorded and has since been offered as a product with all of the video footage for FREE for 14 days! 

This course includes 7 lessons making sure you don't miss a thing, including the video footage of every live presentation plus the PowerPoint slides and bonus content!

Whether you’re just getting started as a personal trainer, are ready to open your own gym and build your team, want to get published in the magazines, want to share your passion writing your own book or become a fitness speaker or celebrity, they will show you the path to a long lasting, fulfilling career in the fitness industry.

This is not another "rah, rah" motivational program. Feeling warm, fuzzy & motivated is nice, but it doesn't make money!

Over the last 10 years we have had fitness professionals fly out to spend 2-3 days with us for our mentorship program where we share everything we are going to share with you. Many of these fitness professionals join our VIP Mastermind Coaching Program where we've been able, over and over again, to see the same strategies we used to create success working again and again with fitness professionals from all over the world, and it will work for you too! We want as many fitness professionals as possible to experience the same success we have. Because of this we won't sugar coat anything - instead we will get right down to business and tell it like it is to get you to where you want to go as fast as possible!

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Yes! I want to join the Results Inner Circle and gain instant access to the Signature System for FREE for 14 days!

Access The Results Signature System, Unlocking The Answers To Change Your Business And Your Life, Starting Right Now For FREE for 14 days!

Introducing Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove's Inner Circle

This is our Signature System revealed for the first time ever outside of our VIP Mastermind Coaching Group. When you sign-up for our Inner Circle, we are going to unlock an ENTIRE new course for you every month.

(Yes, you read that correctly. An ENTIRE new COURSE for you every month. Not just a new video; not a new module; not a bunch of lame interviews, but an ENTIRE new training COURSE on a topic that will be a game changer for your business and will help you create the business and life of your dreams.)

Plug & play everything you learn each month into your business from our Program Design System to our Sales Scripts to our Front Desk Checklists...we're about to share every single system we use, day in & day out, at Results Fitness.

No one else in the world has done this. Frankly, most fitness business coaches don't even own gyms, let alone give away all of their systems, scripts, templates, and ideas that have made their gym one of the TOP Ten gyms in the United States!

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And you will get a NEW ONLINE course from us EVERY MONTH! 

Every first of the month we'll unlock another new fitness business signature course for you, and you can take any of them AT YOUR OWN PACE.

The goal is to give you the tools you need to dramatically accelerate your fitness business growth at a FRACTION of the usual price it would cost to come out to one of our live events.

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What Else Do I Get?

For FREE now, you get our ENTIRE Fitness Business Mastery Course AND our webinar on Leading Your Fitness Business in the Here and Now. Then you will continue to be automatically billed a discounted $97 per month. That gets you a new course every first of the month. Cancel anytime.

Every first of the month you'll get a new online course.

Here's a sample of some of the upcoming courses you'll be getting access to: 

  • Mastery of Program Design (usually $297!) - This course goes into detail exactly how we design our results guaranteed programs. You'll master the exact system we use! 
  • Lifestyle Design (Never Before Released!) - Two hour course on building a business that supports your life, not a life that supports your business. We'll walk you through the exact steps to get crystal clear on what you want and how to start taking steps toward it today. Stop running around the hamster wheel getting nowhere. It's time to get focused and create the business & life of your dreams!
  • Changing Your Paradigms, Changing Your Business (Never Before Released!) - You'll learn some of the major shifts necessary to get your business on the right path, including switching to semi-private and group training, switching to reoccurring monthly billing for your clients, and thinking of program design as a separate skill.
  • Drive Your Business By The Numbers (Never Before Released!) - You'll learn the foundational numbers to drive your business every single day during this deep dive workshop, giving you what's been called "better than a Business MBA."
  • Marketing Your Fitness Business (Never Released Before!) - Attract more clients than ever before with this plug & play marketing system. 

With the other FOUR courses we already mentioned, that's access to EIGHT of our best courses that up until now you'd only have access to if you came out to a live event...

...that people have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for, in total, to attend!

So there you have it:

1. We mentor you with our BEST courses, that others have paid THOUSANDS for...A BRAND NEW one every single month!

2. You get world-class curriculum, built by Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove and the Results Team, who have spent 30+ years mastering how to be a successful fitness professional from program design to sales to mindset to systems!


Yes! I want to join the Results Inner Circle and gain instant access to the Signature System for FREE for 14 days!