Get One $4550 Client (Then Repeat EVERY Week!)

Join us for a FREE TRAINING from owners of "One Of The Most Profitable Gyms Per Square Foot," 7-Figure Personal Trainers & Best Selling Authors, Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove, as they share their easy to follow strategies to attract a new $4550 client every week.

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Two Times To Choose From: Tuesday 8/22 9AM PST or Wednesday 8/23 12PM PST

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Wednesday 8/23 12PM PST

Learn Our System To Add One New Client EVERY Week.
That's 4-5 New Clients EVERY Month.
52 New Clients In The NEXT Year.

On a $300/month membership, committed for 12 months, that's $3600/client.

Or a total of (52 x $3600) $15,600/month! 

And $187,200 a year!


In this 90-minute training you'll learn:


Step-by-step strategies that work in our current times to attract one new client a week. Week after week.

Step one to creating your dream business: Sign up a new client this week. And again next week. We will give you a system to get a new client every week signed up on an annual commitment. You might be thinking, just one?

Too many internet business coaches brag about flooding your gym with 10 clients in 10 days, or  30 clients in 30 days. The problem with this is many of these will be unqualified to stay long term and you'll be unable to give your best to them all at once and are likely to lose a large percentage.

Our approach is to find one, high-quality perfect match client every week, who you can WOW with your service, to sign up on an annual commitment and stay for years to come, send you referrals, and become a raving fan. That's how you build a long term sustainable business. Not through quick fixes and false promises.


Our "go to" marketing tools that always work to generate new leads.

We have quite a few "go to" tools in our toolbox that we've accumulated through experience over the years. 

As we've had to rebuild Results Fitness over the past couple years, after almost half of our clients moved away during the pandemic, we've been putting these exact tools to use to attract our new awesome clients! They are guaranteed to work for you too and we want to share those with you. 


An actual system to easily plug and play again and again. 

We won't just teach you one thing that you can use one time to get one new client. We'll give you our entire system to be able to use over and over to get new clients coming through your door week after week. Once you know the system you can use it again and again and again! 

Want to attract more clients,

but you have no idea where to start?


  • Whether you have a gym or not, we'll help you figure out which marketing strategy to use for the stage your business is in right now. Ready to get your first client or your 100th? We know what works at each stage, what's worth doing and what's not, depending on where you're at.
  • Even if you feel like you're competing with the celebrity trainer in your area, or have a lack of belief in yourself and what you know, we get that. We'll help you to realize your value and differentiate yourself to get the clients who are right for you.
  • Worried that you don't have time to implement what you learn? Totally understand and that's why you'll be using our plug and play systems to easily get things in motion without spending a ton of time. 

You'll be doing it all with us, Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove, and a committed community of fellow fitness professionals rallying around you to get you signing up long-term clients every single week. 

It’s going to be FUN.

Like, really fun!

Because adding one new client is the best way to move your business forward to be able to decide what “success” looks like in your dream business.

→ Train less hours and make more money?

→ Get out of the grind of having to do all the work?

→ Ready to feel organized with systems in place you know work?

→ Feel less stressed?

→ Finally feel fulfilled & ecstatic about your business?

One new client a week makes ALL of it possible.

And that sounds like FUN to us!

A Note From Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove...

Let's be real, times have changed my friend!

When we officially reopened Results Fitness after being shut down one full year, almost 1/2 of our clients had moved away. Marketing to attract our new awesome clients has been a priority these past couple years to get back to our 7-figure profitable fitness business.

What we teach isn't just ideas, it's taken straight from what we do at Results Fitness, and we're ready to share it with you.

Whether you are a gym owner or work for someone else, we can help you to adapt your marketing and your business model for long-term success.

We want to help you to change more lives and make more money while working less hours.

You ready? 

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