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Transform Your Fitness Business with Exclusive  Access to Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove 

Are you tired of struggling to grow your fitness business?

Do you feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels, trying to attract new clients and retain the ones you have?

You're not alone.

Many fitness business owners face these challenges every day, but there is a solution: the Results Fitness University Inner Circle.

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DOUBLED revenue while galavanting in Greece (Meet Matthew)

He started working with us while he was sharing a gym space with 3–4 other personal trainers.

After a year of getting our support, though…

He’s outgrown his gym space TWICE.

(Now filling a 2,400-square-foot stand-alone building at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in San Jose.)

He’s more than DOUBLED his revenue.

(From less than $100k to $200,000. Yes, in a post-pandemic world.)

AND he took time off to have his very own “big, fat Greek wedding.” PLUS spend 3 whole weeks galavanting around Greece.

While his business continued to hum along, make him money, and onboard new clients.

(Your jaw should be on the floor by now.

Because what Matthew did inside our program… changed his life.

ALL in just a year.

Want to know how?

Read on…

When we asked Matthew to break down HOW working with us helped him accomplish his incredible Fitness Business success, he said it really came down to 4 things.

He implemented…

  1. Six for Six Challenge – to gain a flood of new paying clients fast.
  2. GIFT strategy – for long-lasting marketing that brought more revenue consistently, sustainably.
  3. Upgrade Surprise – to increase profits WHILE ALSO raking in more 5-star reviews on Google.
  4. DEAL system – to step away from the day-to-day while EXPERTLY TRAINED coaches take excellent care of his clients. (Without needing any babysitting.)

That’s it!

He implemented 4 things he learned from us over the course of a year.

With loads of accountability support from us.

Because in our program, NOT taking action and NOT getting results… is simply NOT an option.

… and now he’s living his “DREAM LIFE.” (His exact words.)

He works when he wants, because he wants to. NOT because he “has to.”

He has freedom to travel, spend more time with his family, and enjoy the outdoors.

Plus, the money to pay for it too.

This can be you! 

Your first step is to join our Results University On Demand Success Club Today! 

Wish you could be a fly on the wall at Results Fitness,

one of the TOP TEN GYMS in the United States of America (as named by Men's Health Magazine)

with the owners, Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove?

Learning EVERYTHING they're doing to run their business, design successful training programs, develop their team, plan their marketing, attract new clients, track their numbers, build a sustainable company (over 23 years now!) and more?


In their On Demand Success Club they reveal a brand new course, presentation or module every month sharing THE MOST UP TO DATE systems, strategies and daily operations in real time PLUS you get access to a monthly call with them and interact in their community. 

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Roni & Bryan Boggs, Owners of AMPT Fitness in Elk Grove, California

We are so grateful for this rocket ship, for Alwyn & Rachel's leadership and advice, and the constant presence and support. 

Alec Liberman, Owner of On Target Fitness in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Before Results University, I had to try to run my business all by myself. Now I can learn from the best. I don't need to reinvent the wheel. This was the best business decision I've ever made.

Molly Doyle, Owner of Molly Doyle Fitness in St. Paul, Minnesota

Results University made me feel less alone and gave me the confidence to go after what I'm worth and what I desire in my business!

No one else in the world has done this.

Frankly, most fitness business coaches don't even own gyms, let alone give away all of their systems, scripts, templates, and ideas that have made their gym one of the TOP Ten gyms in the United States! 

Not only that but did you know???

While 22% of gyms nationwide and 40% in some of the hardest hit cities have shut down for good, Rachel & Alwyn were coaching 40 gym owners the weekend before the world shut down at a live mastermind event and continued to work closely with them day-by-day, step-by-step through the pandemic to not only survive but now thrive!

"Sixty seconds. That's all it took for Alwyn & Rachel to not only clear my mind, but change my mindset and launch my rocketship. Six years later I have my own business and my own team that's changing the way fitness is done. They've been there every second since the pandemic hit to help us prepare and move forward. They're the best in the business for a reason." -

Jordan Rudolph
Owner of Unity Fitness
La Crosse, Wisconsin

"Great coaches have coaches. Being a part of Results University, with a group of awesome people who are open, supportive, and rooting each other on is hard to put a price tag on." -

Kelvin Gary
Owner of Body Space Fitness
New York City, New York

"We've seen several local gyms close their doors for good. Unfortunately, I am sure there will be several more in the next few weeks. As they close their doors, we've continued rebuilding after being forced to shut our doors for nearly 6 months. Huge thank you for your guidance, support, and industry leading knowledge that has helped us maintain a strong business and has allowed us to be in a position to thrive in the future months ahead. I'm grateful to have this team on my side." -

Greg Carbone
Owner of Carbone Fitness Systems
Eatontown, New Jersey

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove here!

Over the years, speaking to thousands of fitness professionals, signing copies of our books, answering questions and connecting with them, we realized they are JUST LIKE US when we first started in this industry! They are having the exact same struggles and challenges that we had!

We often think back to when we first decided to open Results Fitness. We were passionate, excited, and we knew how to train people and get great results; so we opened our gym! We can’t begin to tell you how quickly we became discouraged when we realized we didn’t have a clue how to run a business. There were so many times when we felt as if we were just spinning our wheels, getting nowhere. Sound familiar?

We were training clients from 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night, with no money in the bank to show for it. We were barely making ends meet, literally living from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes NO paycheck to NO paycheck. One night, a few months after we opened our gym, we came home to our tiny apartment, which was a half an hour drive by freeway because we couldn’t afford to live near the gym, to find that our back door had been forced open and our home broken into. They stole our laptop, which had all of our clients’ programs, and everything we had for the gym on it. On the bright side, there wasn’t anything else for them to steal because we didn’t have much – no money, no jewelry, but that laptop had everything we had created on it!

Financially things were tough, yet our schedules were full, so we had to hire our first trainer. A few months after she began working for us she drove up in a brand new Ford Explorer. She excitedly ran into the gym and asked us to come and check out the stereo system.

At that time (Our grand opening day pictured above!) we were sharing a used Dodge Shadow my parents had bought at an auction for $1000 and given to us when we got married, we could barely pay our bills while working 15 hour days.

It was at that moment, when she drove up in her brand new car that she bought with money we were paying her, we looked at each other and realized something was not working and we had to make a change!

We were on a mission to create something bigger than us! We wanted to change the way fitness is done, while creating a business that would support our life, instead of having to live our life supporting our business.

During these challenging times you can either fall back into victim mode and give up, or you can redesign your business to support your life, and we'd love to help you! 

This is not another motivational "rah, rah" feel good program. Feeling warm, fuzzy & inspired is nice, but it doesn't make money!

This is the actual systems, spreadsheets, strategies, campaigns we are using in our business that you can plug and play into your business and use right away! You'll easily get a return on your investment by implementing just one idea each month.

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Introducing Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove's On Demand Success Club. 

When you sign-up we are going to unlock an ENTIRE new course for you every month. You will be the ONLY ones able to get a peek behind the scenes at EXACTLY what we're doing each month at Results Fitness. We'll also be appearing live monthly for open discussion, new content, and Q & A!

(And yes, you read that correctly. An ENTIRE new COURSE unlocked for you every month. Not just a new video; not a new module; not a bunch of interviews, but an ENTIRE new training COURSE on a topic that will be a game changer for your business and will help you create the business and life of your dreams.)

Plug & play everything you learn each month into your business from our Program Design System to our Sales Scripts to our Front Desk Checklists...we're about to share every single system we use, day in & day out, at Results Fitness.

To get you started you'll have access to our ENTIRE LIBRARY OF COURSES IMMEDIATELY! NOW OVER 40 courses!! THIS IS THE NETFLIX of Fitness Business Continuing Education!!!

To give you an idea here are just a few of the courses you'll have immediate access to: 

AND you will get a BRAND NEW course from us EVERY MONTH! 

Every month we'll unlock another new fitness business signature course for you, and you can take any of them AT YOUR OWN PACE.

The goal is to give you the tools you need to dramatically accelerate your fitness business growth at a FRACTION of the usual price it would cost to come out to one of our live events.

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What else do I get? 

For $67 now, you get instant access to over FORTY full courses. Then you will continue to be automatically billed a discounted $67 per month. That gets you a new course every month. Cancel anytime.

Every month you'll get a new course.

Here's a sample of some of the courses you'll be getting access to: 

  • Mastery of Sales ($297 Value) - Our Sales Manager will share everything we do for our Sales System at Results Fitness in his TWO-DAY Seminar!
  • Lifestyle Design (Never Before Released!) - Two hour course on building a business that supports your life, not a life that supports your business. We'll walk you through the exact steps to get crystal clear on what you want and how to start taking steps toward it today. Stop running around the hamster wheel getting nowhere. It's time to get focused and create the business & life of your dreams!
  • Changing Your Paradigms, Changing Your Business (Never Before Released!) - You'll learn some of the major shifts necessary to get your business on the right path, including switching to semi-private and group training, switching to reccurring monthly billing for your clients, and thinking of program design as a separate skill.
  • Drive Your Business By The Numbers (Never Before Released!) - You'll learn the foundational numbers to drive your business every single day during this deep dive workshop, giving you what's been called "better than a Business MBA."
  • Marketing Your Fitness Business (Never Before Released!) - Attract more clients than ever before with this plug & play marketing system.
  • Immediately gain access to over forty of our best courses that up until now you'd only have access to if you came out to a live event...

...that people have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for, in total, to attend!

So there you have it:

1. We mentor you with our BEST courses, that others have paid THOUSANDS for...A BRAND NEW one every single month!

2. You get world-class curriculum, built by Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove and the Results Team, who have spent 30+ years mastering how to be a successful fitness professional from program design to sales to mindset to systems!

And it all starts now for just $67.

Yes! I want to join the Results Inner Circle and gain instant access to the Results Fitness System for just $67! Cancel anytime.

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