Uncertain About The Future Of Your Fitness Business?



How To Reset, Get Focused And Revive Your Gym Post-COVID

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


What To Focus On Now

Over 30% of Gyms have already closed for good and the reality is that hardest times could still lie ahead. Are you ready for a second shut down? To survive a recession? Our industry is more important than ever right now to keep people healthy. We all know this. Yet we are struggling as an industry. The future has become blurry without a clear path. We will lay out the exact step-by-step path to save your fitness business and help you to keep changing lives.


New delivery systems, membership models and new demands

Doing business going forward takes an entirely new path you need to prepare for now. We'll share the changes we've helped fitness business owners make, including adapting technology to offer new delivery systems and embracing the new demands including being ready for a second shut down. 


The Way Forward

This has been a tough year for our industry. It's been a flurry of anxiety and action with many of you having touch and go moments. It's time to reset, re-center, take a deep breath, and refocus on the direction you're going and what lies ahead. It's time to find the opportunity! If you were running a break even(at best) fitness business before while working too many hours NOW is the time to reset. 

No idea what changes to make or if you have what it takes?

  • You have moments of asking yourself if it's worth it. If you have what it takes to adapt and survive. Somedays it feels like it'd be easier to give up. You couldn't wait to get reopened, and when you did you realized the hard work had only just begun.
  • Struggling to keep up with all of the changes, knowing you need to use this opportunity to reset your business to not reopen the same business that was shut down. 
  • Meanwhile you feel like you're working even more hours than you were with added expenses and responsibilities of keeping people safe while clients are complaining asking, "Why can't we go back to the way it was?"

Join us to learn what it takes to build a business that will support the lifestyle you dream of, changing lives while giving you the freedom you are looking for. Now is the time to reset your business. What do you have to lose? Let's build the business of your dreams!


A Note From Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove...

We can't stop thinking about how hard our industry has been hit. With our own gym still shut down over 7 months now, we know how hard this is. 

From the first day gyms were shut down we worked closely with fitness business owners from all over the world to survive, reopen and rebuild a better version. 

THAT gets us excited! The progress we will make as an industry, taking this opportunity to work together with tight focus to reset, refocus, and reinvent your business to be stronger than ever!

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