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Your Results University Business Survival Kit

For the next 30 days, every other day you'll gain access to a brand new lesson unlocking 15 of our exclusive Inner Circle Only courses over 30 days! 

  • Immediately you'll get access to Alwyn Cosgrove's brand new mindset talk to shift your focus to laser in on exactly what you need to do over the next 30 days.
  • Two days later we'll unlock our live seminar (filmed the weekend before we were shut down!) on how to build your online business from A to Z! 
  • Next you'll get access to our TWO DAY LIVE Mastery of Program Design Seminar to hone in on your programming system to differentiate yourself and be able to scale what you do!
  • Then you'll take a bigger picture view with Alwyn taking you through lifestyle design realizing your why!
  • Such an important piece of rebuilding your fitness business will be shared in the marketing presentation you'll gain access to where you'll learn all about crafting a message, creating a funnel and attracting your ideal clients!
  • At the half way point, Rachel will reveal exactly how to drive your business by the numbers so you can set targets and make it happen!
  • As you are rebuilding your business you'll also be rebuilding your team and we'll give you the exact steps to build and lead your dream team!
  • You'll get a lesson on Semi-Private and Team Training with Alwyn Cosgrove.
  • Plus you'll learn the Fat Loss Secrets in Alwyn's Unlocking Fat Loss Presentation! 
  • You're final courses will get specific sharing how to hone in on a niche learning about everything from Powerlifting for General Population to Training Females to Executive Athletes to Figure or Fitness Competitiors! 

After the 30 days you'll have the opportunity to stay in our Inner Circle where we will continue to unlock a brand new course every single month!

Plug & play everything you learn each month into your fitness business, from running one of our transformation challenges to our Sales System and more...we're about to share every single system we use, day in & day out, at Results Fitness.

No one else in the world has done this. Frankly, most fitness business coaches don't even own gyms, let alone give away all of their systems, scripts, templates, and ideas that have made their gym one of the TOP Ten gyms in the United States!

Get started now and cancel anytime!

Then, On The First Of Each Month, We Will Unlock Access To A Brand New Course From The Results Signature System, Sharing The Answers To Change Your Business And Your Life Starting Right Now For Just $97 A Month!