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Meet the Heroes

of Results University

Grace Barnick, Owner of FitPath Coaching

Results University Coaching Member Since 2019


"I would not be starting my own business if I didn't have the help and the support of Results University. I have every confidence that I will be wildly successful at the end of this first year!"

Grace Barnick
Owner of FitPath Coaching, La Jolla, CA

"It’s amazing to be able to share ideas with some of the best gyms in North America! Our confidence is growing and our vision and plan are becoming clear because of Results University."

Rondalyn Boggs
Co-owner of AMPT Fitness, Elk Grove, CA

Chris Borda, Owner of Y.E.S. Fitness


"The things learned in this group have helped us to continually grow. So far this quarter we’re up 18% from last quarter, which was also our best quarter ever!"

Peter Clark
Owner of Deliberate Strength, Spokane, WA

"Embarking on the adventure of owning a business is challenging and, at times, terrifying! With the support of Results University, we've not only been able to take on that challenge, but we are surrounded by people who understand that challenge and make the terrifying days an opportunity for growth, solutions, and exciting answers!! We can’t recommend this experience enough!"

Macy & Troy Cole
Owners of E-MOTION Fitness & Studio, Wilmington, NC

"Results University made me feel less alone in this process and gave me the confidence to go after what I'm worth and what I desire in my business! I'm ready to head back and put these new ideas into action. My numbers will thank you!"

Molly Doyle
Owner of Molly Doyle Fitness, St. Paul, MN

Hear from our Heroes Brynn & Daniel Esbenshade, Owners of Temple Fitness

Results University Coaching Members Since 2019


"In February 2019, while Brynn was warming up on a bike and looking at Instagram, she saw a post from Rachel about the mentorship – the description was our life exactly!!! When we came to the mentorship in March 2019, I felt like the odds of us getting through the summer without going bankrupt were impossible. This is the first business for Brynn and I and we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We read a lot of books on business and were muddling through as best we could, but we couldn’t see the problems clearly. Maybe we were too close to the situation; maybe we bit off more than we could chew. We had just moved from a 2,000 sq ft building to a 5,000 sq ft building and thus doubled our overhead. Brynn and I were both working 16+ hours a day and paying ourselves about $2,000/mo, just enough to cover our [personal] bills. To say that we were stressed is an understatement for how we felt. Before a break, at the end of the mentorship, the Cosgrove’s pitched their coaching group. Brynn and I went for a walk and talked options. I still laugh about this part because as we’re walking and discussing whether or not we should sign up for the coaching group, Brynn said that she’d love to sign up for the mentorship when our business could financially support the investment. "We’ve already learned so much" she said, "we should start with that." I began laughing, which annoyed Brynn as she asked, “What’s so funny?” I replied, “You want to get in shape before you join our gym?” (She hates it when people say that.) I continued, “We are going broke and we have three options – we can do nothing and fail slowly, we can invest in the coaching group and fail fast, or we can invest in the coaching group and succeed.” My vote was to go for it because we had nothing left to lose. We filled out the application. We have now been in business for five and a half years. On our journey we have made some bad decisions, and some good decisions at the right time! Nothing compares to the good decision of joining the Results University team and family. Results University has impacted us in such a positive way and continues to provide feedback that allows us to keep pushing and have hope that the work, time, and effort we pour into our gym will one day create a more smoothly operated training facility and business – not just a job to own. We are so honored to be a part of the group and looking forward to 2020 with much more clarity in our vision and what is needed to reach our goals. Yes, we continue to do the work, but are grateful for Results University's guidance and feedback, which has given renewed hope to our vision. We're beyond blessed and thankful for Results University."

Daniel & Brynn Esbenshade
Owners of Temple Fitness, Federal Way, WA

Ben Fogel, Owner of Epic Fitness

Results University Coaching Member Since 2013


"Every time I come back from a Mastermind event, my energy for my business, for my team, and for my clients just skyrockets. The energy of these events is contagious, and I feel like I “constantly learn and improve” each and every time!"

Ben Fogel
Owner of Epic Fitness, Salt Lake City, UT

Hear what a fitness business owner has to say about our 8-week online business coaching:

"Working with Rachel gave me the push I needed to start my business. When I began working with Rachel, I had only my ideas and 4 clients, nothing really tangible. By the end of 8 weeks, I published a website, learned general rules for program design to create my programs, built an email list, learned a referral system, and most of all built my confidence that if I can do all of that in 8 weeks, I can be successful. There were some emotional low points since I did my coaching time during COVID-19 and national protests. The real, empathetic, and raw response from Rachel when we discussed the interference these experiences were playing in my motivation was, for me, a pivotal point in our relationship. I felt heard, and most of all supported. I knew that my well-being, not only as a business owner, but as a person, was important to her. As coaches, we already know that accountability is the real key to success for our clients, but accountability from Rachel in your business, will be the beginning to your success as a business owner."

Jessica Fontaine
Owner of Hey, Fit Happens

Kelvin Gary, Owner of Body Space Fitness

Results University Coaching Member Since 2013


"The quality and character of the group is exceptional. I appreciate the focus on systems and the greater purpose of running a business. I find the Cosgrove’s to be genuine and in line with the type of coaching program I am seeking to grow both personally and professionally."

Alli Kerr
Owner of The Pink Physique, Macon, GA

"Having a group of people to bounce ideas off of and learn from is key. I always leave mastermind events rejuvenated and ready to take our business to the next level!"

Suzanne Klaus
Co-owner of Forward Fitness, Maplewood, MO

"Before joining Results Fitness University, I had to try to run my business all by myself. Now that I have this group, I can learn from the best practices of others and share my own insights. I don't need to reinvent the wheel and neither do they. They are also some of the most enjoyable, inspiring people I can imagine being around. This was the best business decision that I've ever made!"

Alec Liberman
Owner of On Target Fitness, Portsmouth, NH

"I'm so grateful for Results University's experience and help in guiding so many great people to their dreams. I realize that my whole life has led me to you guys! I am quickly becoming more confident and I'm figuring out who I am as a person, business owner, entrepreneur, and coach. I am absolutely starting to see my potential!"

Jessica Majxner
Owner of Graffiti Fit Club, Boise, ID

"The Cosgroves set the bar high; they deliver content and coaching that will change your life. Being part of this elite group of professionals is a privilege. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with opportunity and abundance."

Kari Negraiff
Co-owner of Envision Fitness, Pitt Meadows, BC

Jordan Rudolph, Owner of Unity Fitness

Results University Coaching Member Since 2016


"Great instructors, loads of resources, nice community of people that make me feel like the dream of owning my own business doesn’t need to be a nightmare if I’m willing to listen, and take action today!"

Brendan Shea
Owner of Shea Training Systems, Hanover, MA

"Results University helped me to see areas where we need to improve, and I'm excited to follow a proven system."

Arlene Silvera
Co-owner of Addicted 2 Fitness, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hear what a fitness business owner has to say about our 8-week online business coaching:

"I worked with Alwyn for 8 weeks, when my business was closed and during the transition of reopening it due to Covid-19. Alwyn, with his expert advice, showed me what was possible with growing my business. My business is set for a record month in August 2020, when most other fitness businesses in my area are struggling. Alwyn also spent extra time with me and never made the meetings feel rushed or that he was trying to move through the meetings quickly. A must for anyone who owns a training gym and wants to learn from the best!"

Jordan Stinson
Owner of Just Start Fitness in Dungannon, Northern Ireland

"Attended my first Mastermind [October 2019] and I only had an idea of what to expect. I will say that my expectations have been exceeded! I am truly excited to put my inspiration into action and to follow through with the tasks that lay ahead. I appreciate the friends I have made, the Cosgroves, and everyone a part of Results University. I am looking forward to what we can all accomplish together in the future."

Tyler Thomas
Co-Owner of Rise Performance Training, Fort Wayne, IN

"Results University gave me the confidence to make the necessary move to continue my mission, and an action plan to make it happen."

Perseo Vega
Owner of LA Flex Fitness in Culver City, CA


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