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Snowboarding Lessons

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

One of the secrets to my success is that I ALWAYS surround myself with people who challenge & push me to grow, learn, take risks and reach my potential. I would never be where I am without coaches, mentors, colleagues, family, friends, my husband…who encourage and support me – “You can do it!”

My recent Snowboarding trip was no exception. I headed to Mammoth with a friend of mine who happens to be an expert snowboarder.

When we talk about the levels of knowledge being –

Level 1 (None) – You don’t know that you don’t know(someone who doesn’t even know snowboarding is an option).

Level 2 (Some) – You know that you don’t know (you’ve spent your first day on a snowboard falling & possibly frustrated because you’re bruised and not having fun) – when most people quit! I had to relearn to snowboard because it had been so long and spent a good amount of time here on day one, falling and frustrated…

Level 3 (Know enough)- You know enough to get by but have to think about everything. This was me by the end of day one, having fun, not falling but the whole time mental dialogue happening – “Keep your weight on your front foot, bend your knees, cut in on your front edge…” Now this is fun!

Level 4 (Mastery) – You don’t even have to think about what you’re doing because you’re an expert. This is my friend who is one with her snowboard and basically glides down the mountain with as much ease as walking.

We see this progression of knowledge with babies learning to walk, with kids learning to ride a bike and anytime you learn a new skill, even running a business!

I was happy on the intermediate slopes working on my turns having fun!

By the end of our second day she said to me – “You have to come to the top with me! You have to see the view!” Really? Um ok…as I look at the map and see nothing but black diamond & double black diamond runs to get down…Is she nuts?

She assured me that there was a run on the backside open that was soft powder, really incredible and I’d be fine on it. Off we went, onto the Gondola to head to the very top! My heart was pounding…that old familiar friend FEAR who I know means I’m stepping out of where I’m comfortable being pushed to grow. All of the signs had “skull and crossbones – advanced only!” I’m going to die!

Except I knew that she had already been up to the top and had already found a way down that she knew I could do. I trusted her and knew I’d be fine. Suck it up or you’ll miss out!

As we approached the top the runs were insane and I knew she had gone off all of them! They all looked straight down to me…would they let me ride the Gondola back down?

This is us at the very top of the mountain which there is so much snow that this sign is usually not this covered and you’d have to climb up it! We’re at elevation of 11,053 feet. That edge that you see surrounding us is straight drop off cliffs that extremely advanced people (like her) jump off of.

You can see in the pic she’s relaxed having a blast…me…not so much. What am I doing up here???? How do I get down???? I did stop to take in the view, get a few pictures and enjoy my surroundings – Wow!

Time to strap on our boards and do this! I followed her down the least steep part which she was right it looked scarier than it was and I was able to do it. And wow she wasn’t kidding about the powder! The experience of being up there, the view, the exhilaration & the feeling of the unknown reminded me of why I surround myself with people like her! I was so proud of myself and so glad I had that experience on such a gorgeous day!

I thought to myself…here I go again hanging out with people who push me beyond where I would ever go on my own.

Who do you surround yourself with?

If you are running a fitness business as a solo entrepreneur you MUST find a coach & a mastermind group with people who will support you, show you the easiest path to follow and push you to become more than you ever will on your own. Do not try to run your business by yourself!

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