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Re-Opening Part Two: Communication

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Now that you have your 4 part re-opening protocols and procedures nailed down so you'll be ready when you get the green light it's time to think about how you will communicate all of this. Communication is as important as what you are doing. You can be taking every measure to create a perfectly sanitized, disinfected, Covid-19 free bubble but if nobody knows they still won't come.

Communicating frequently, transparently and honestly through this whole thing is key. If you haven't been communicating at all start today with just a quick Live Facebook video or atleast a post connecting with your clients. Have 1-3 teaching points to share and also be available for questions. Communicating with your clients keeps them connected to you. They like to hear from you! I've had clients say, "Hearing your voice makes me feel normal."

When you are ready (you have the green light from the government that it is safe to open and you've taken the time to get everything in place feeling confident about your environment being ready to invite your clients back), here's a quick checklist to communicate everything you are doing:

1. Number one make your communication as professional as possible when delivering this information in particular. Think medical doctor status. Be in uniform. Have an outline organized that you have practiced to clearly share each bullet point of how you will be ensuring your gym environment is safe. The goal is to not only communicate everything but to also build trust that you are watching out for them. The level of professionalism we have to have as we re-open has gone to a new level. It's time to up your game.

2. Do a professional presentation to share on your main Facebook page, on your website and email out a link to. This professional presentation is something your clients could share. The more professional the better. Practice first before you record this. In this video, share step by step what it will be like to workout in your gym explaining everything from when they enter, the screening process you will have in place, the sanitation practices you'll be following. Leave nothing to question or imagination so they know exactly what to expect. Be sure to share that they are welcome to continue to be coached remotely through your online services.

3. Once you've shared that professional presentation. Reach out to your clients individually to address any questions or concerns one -on- one. Trust is built through listening so be ready to listen to everything on their mind. Those who are not ready to come back continue to support through your remote, online services. Empathize with each person's feelings and needs only asking those who really want to come back in person to come back in person. We anticipate about 50% right away. I'd text to set up a zoom call if you can to see them face-to-face to discuss their next steps with their fitness. If they don't respond call them, email them, message them and send a letter in the mail.

4. Pull out your list of frozen clients who chose to not train online and will be ready to come back in person now that you will be opening and reach out to make sure they saw the video and see if you can also get on a zoom call with them to address any concerns, discuss what they've been doing and get them back in if they are ready.

5. Once members are in and are excited to be back capture any testimonials you can about the professionalism, cleanliness and safety of working out in your gym environment. If you have a medical professional who trains with you get a testimonial from them of how professional and clean your environment is such as this video we captured just before we were shut down -click here to check it out.

Overall, a slow ramp up is key and I can't emphasize enough professionalism, professionalism, professionalism. Invite those members who you have a mutual trust with first and you know are ready. If you're feeling overwhelmed with re-opening chunk it into baby steps. Make your professional video. Share it with your clients and start to talk to them one-on-one to see what their concerns are. Overall you might find that the majority of them are not concerned at all and trust you completely.

This is our chance in the fitness industry to change the way fitness is done elevating our industry to a new level of professionalism and trust. We got this!

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