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The Fat Loss Business Lesson

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2018

When we teach our clients about fat loss at Results Fitness, we usually include a lesson about physiology that teaches them that there is never a zero change in body fat levels at any one point. Sure, you may stay at the exact same weight and body fat percentage from week to week, but all that actually means in physiological terms is that your body spent the exact same amount of time, storing body fat in the exact same amount as it did burning fat.

The net effect is “no change” but as a basic premise there’s never a situation where the body is neither storing or burning fat. The physiology doesn’t stop. The tank is being filled or drained.

Your business is the same way.

Think of your business (or yourself) as having a “gauge” of, for example, your professionalism.

Every interaction you have is going to move the needle to “more professional” or “less professional”. Which is really "more business" or "less business".

There’s never an interaction that results in zero change in how you are perceived. Everything moves the needle.

And it’s not just your interactions with the other party. It’s interactions that a third party can see. A prospect watches you deliver a world-class training session and be 100% invested in your client – that moves the needle. They see you check your phone or become disinterested? That moves the needle too.

It’s not just interactions either – it’s your marketing. It's every point of contact with a prospect before they become a member. It’s how you dress. It’s every coaching cue that comes out of your mouth. It’s every instagram picture on your profile. It’s every social media post.

Everything moves the needle.

Now I’m not suggesting that you be “on” all the time anymore than I expect our body composition clients to follow their diet perfectly 100% of the time.
However we do need to understand that everything counts. Everything speaks.

The net result of how professional the market perceives you to be will be a combination of how often you’ve moved the needle to “more professional” as opposed to less.

The needle is never stuck.
The needle always moves.

Dedicated to your success,

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove


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