Experience Our Roadmap To Build A Profitable 7 Figure Fitness Business That Is Built To Last.

We'll Show You Exactly How We Built, And After Twenty-Three Years Continue to Operate One of the Top Ten Gyms in the Nation. Learn the secrets to a sustainable business to support the life of your dreams for years to come! Join us for The Results Experience! Learn more and secure your seat below!

Join Us For The Results Experience!



What's included In the Results Fitness Mentorship?

You will spend THREE days with Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove feeling at home at Results University where you'll learn our EXACT operation systems

In just 3 days, you’ll learn how to…

*Sign an EXTRA TEN ANNUAL clients
*Have them so thrilled with their results, they leave 5-star reviews
*And turn into an amazing referral source

PLUS, we'll make sure you have systems in place so you don't have to be the one personally training them to truly build a bulletproof SCALABLE business.

You'll also spend time shadowing the Results team to see up close and personal the actual workouts and training sessions we are world famous for!

PLUS you'll get the opportunity to workout in the famous Results Fitness HQ, truly experiencing the culture of Results Fitness to take back with you to your fitness business!

You'll immerse yourself in our culture and community experiencing Results Fitness as part of our Results Fit Fam ❤️

Day one – Thursday

Feel free to join us for a workout before we get down to business! You have a complimentary VIP membership while you're in town!

8:00 – 8:45am – Registration with Donna at our Results University Headquarters

Goal Setting- 5 year goals, 10 year goals- what do you want from your business? Where do you see yourself in 5 years or 10 years? Top frustrations? Let's dive in!

Making Money – Business Owners Daily Agenda to set you up for success and get 10 annual clients added to your roster!

Open Q & A, Aha’s!!!

Learn the Results Fitness Sales System guaranteed to close 80-90% of your prospects to become annual clients!

Learn what systems to put into place to create a business that runs without you.

Shadow our Fitness Coaches in the evening after enjoying one of our delicious shakes on us! 

Day Two – Friday

5:00 – 9:00am - Shadowing at Results Fitness spending time with our coaches, our front desk team and our clients to see how everything you learned the day before works! 

We'll cover some big rocks on Day Two including semi-private coaching, annual agreements, building your autopay and leveraging your time to help the most people you can!

Q and A, Aha’s

How To Be In Control Running Your Business By the Numbers

Understand and learn how to systemize your Training Philosophy.


Now that you've experienced the Results Fitness Culture we'll teach you how to build your own environment including building your team.

We'll also talk Life Stuff including keeping your money, Overcoming adversity and finding balance in your life.

Optional Shadow the Fitness Coaches that evening or take a class and get your heart pumping!

Day Three – Saturday

Day three we'll start early and finish early working together 7am -11am spending most of our time at Results Fitness experiencing everything we've been teaching you pulling back the curtains to reveal EVERYTHING we do and use to run our business successfully from the strategy session to the training session to making a shake. We can't wait to share it with you! 



Not sure about making a $1997 investment in yourself and your business?

At the mentorship you'll start to shift your thinking to realize that ideas are money and there is no shortage of ideas! Therefore no shortage of $$$!

By spending 3 days in the room with us and other success minded coaches you'll set yourself up to make back the $1997 10x, 20x, 30x, 100x or more!

You'll look back and realize how little of investment that was. If you just sign up 10 new annual clients at $300 each you'll be at $36000 - not a bad return on $1997! 

Grab your seat then book your flight and email us your receipt. We'll reimburse you up to $500 to cover your flight! 

We are going to book your hotel for you at our favorite boutique hotel walking distance to Results Fitness and Results University! 

And we heard you...affording flights and hotel is the #1 reason you haven't joined us in the past. We got you!

We can't believe we're doing this! We want you to come join us in person to experience everything we do live! There's no way to replace the exchange of energy, the experience of immersing yourself in our community and becoming one of our Results family for 3 days. Because we want you to BE HERE we have decided to cover $500 toward your flight AND we'll take care of your hotel for up to 3 nights!

Secure your seat (INCLUDING YOUR HOTEL FOR 3 NIGHTS) and get a second ticket FREE! (Offer expires October 10th or when our 20 seats sell out!)

Just $1997 and your flight and hotel are included! PLUS you can bring your business partner with you for FREE too. You just gotta act fast. Because we only have 20 tickets. And they could sell out at any time.









Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

We've been there. We get it.

We often think back to when we first decided to open Results Fitness. We were passionate, excited, and we knew how to train people and get great results; so we opened our gym! 

We can’t begin to tell you how quickly we became discouraged when we realized we didn’t have a clue how to run a business. There were so many times when we felt as if we were just spinning our wheels, getting nowhere. Sound familiar? 

We were training clients from 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night, with no money in the bank to show for it. We were barely making ends meet, literally living from paycheck to paycheck. One night, a few months after we opened our gym, we came home to our tiny apartment, which was a half an hour drive by freeway because we couldn’t afford to live near the gym, to find that our back door had been forced open and our home broken into. They stole our laptop, which had all of our clients’ programs, and everything we had for the gym on it. On the bright side, there wasn’t anything else for them to steal because we didn’t have much – no money, no jewelry. But that laptop had everything on it! 

Financially things were tough, yet our schedules were full, so we had to hire our first trainer. A few months after she began working for us she drove up in a brand new Ford Explorer. She excitedly ran into the gym and asked us to come and check out the stereo. 

At that time we were sharing a used Dodge Shadow my parents had bought at an auction for $1,000 and given to us when we got married. We could barely pay our bills, living pay check to pay check, while working 15 hour work days. It was at that moment, when she drove up in her brand new car that she bought with money we were paying her, we looked at each other and realized something was not working and we had to make a change!

This is us on our opening day at Results Fitness  >>>

We know what it's like. We've been there. It's ok to struggle at first, everyone does. You just don't have to stay there. You can have the life and business you want, we'll show you how. 

Click here to reserve your seat for just $1997 (includes flight & hotel) PLUS get a FREE ticket! (Until 10/10)


We began to seek out information on how to run a business, and invested in books and continuing education. We attended seminars and started to learn everything we could. We realized that we were great trainers, but had to become smart business owners in order to succeed. 

We went from spinning our wheels to having a systemized business generating income and helping hundreds of people to change their lives. 

Our lives took another turn when “You have cancer” became a reality not once, but twice!

Thankfully, with our systems in place, we were able to step out of our business to check into the hospital while the gym continued to run without us. All of the steps we had taken to set up the business to not be dependent on us had worked! 

We hope you never have to face a life threatening disease like we did, but we will teach you the exact steps we took to get your business to a point where it can run without you. 

At this point our gym runs successfully without us. We live an incredible life, living in our dream home, traveling all over the world! We workout at Results Fitness and work closely with our team to continue to be a part of the journey of our clients because we love it so much, not because we have to. We have the freedom to do what we want, when we want, every single day! 

Are you ready for change?

We can show you how to do the same in your business and end the paycheck to paycheck, running in circles and getting no where cycle that may have you frustrated and burnt out! It's time your business supports you & the life you dream of! 

YES, LET'S DO IT! Sign Me Up For Just $1997 (including my flight & hotel) until 10/10

October 19th, 20th & 21st, 2023


This three day private mentorship and coaching session is strictly limited to 20 members. We prefer to keep this small so that we can give each business plenty of one-on-one time, really focusing on your specific situation and business.


We know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there. We were trainers living session package to session package, passionate about helping people.

After investing in continuing education, we just did a few things right. The great news is we can teach you what those things are and save you from making all of the same mistakes we made! YOU CAN build the fitness business of your dreams, one that supports the lifestyle you want. Because that’s what it’s all about anyway… having a business that supports the lifestyle you want. And we’re here to help you create that.


How? Because if we did it, you can do it too!

So why did we decide to offer mentorships? One of the reasons we decided to offer this mentorship is because we have seen a number of “experts” in the fitness industry put on events to help you grow your business, but the biggest problem is… NONE of these experts are actually running a successful gym and make it happen every day.

We’re sure you have heard this advice before, find someone who is doing what you want to do and follow in his or her footsteps. You have to learn from someone who has not only been there, and done that… BUT IS STILL DOING IT!


Keep in mind that because two of our core values are to KEEP LEADING and to CONSTANTLY LEARN, ALWAYS IMPROVE, we guarantee that if you have been to one of our mentorships or business seminars in the past, this conference will be ALL NEW INFORMATION! We’ve had a number of past attendees tell us they realized that they need to attend AT LEAST one of our events every year just to keep up with what we are doing. So many attendees JUST LIKE YOU come back to our events again and again (and you will too!!!)

Join Us At This Exclusive Three Day Mentorship in Santa Clarita, CA.

October 19th, 20th & 21st, 2023


"Results Fitness University has shown me that even I could coach, open a fitness studio, and run it successfully."

Joya Whittington
Owner of E-Motion Fitness, Carbondale, PA

"I opened my business three months ago. I have learned skills during this RFU event to drive my business into the future. I have no doubt now that I will not only be successful, but will out perform gyms that have been around 3x as long as mine." "

Jonathan Wiens
Owner of Archway Fitness, Santa Monica, Ca.

"Well worth my time, investment, and money. There's nothing like in person events! It was a great experience - great group of attendees - we connected quickly and Alwyn & Rachel make it fun!"

Joyce Mithcell
Owner of Joy2bwell Fitness, Vacaville, Ca.

Hayleigh White

Owner of Strong AF in Dallas, TX


Cindy Black

Owner of Body Edge Fitness in North Carolina


Chris Eldridge

Owner of l'ecurie Fitness Coaching


Johnny Lopez

Owner of Bootcamp King in Puerto Rico


Hailey Ramirez

Passionate personal trainer excited to open her own gym one day


Justin Yuen

Owner of Here We Go Fitness


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