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"I truly believe and practice the principle of the slight edge. I just need one idea from a book or magazine article to make a difference. As a result I invest in everything in my field. Notice that I said "invest", not "buy" or "spend". They are negative words. You have to train yourself to use language
that makes you act differently." - Alwyn Cosgrove

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Times like this you can either join into the hysteria, spend your days consuming news and becoming more and more negative as you start to focus on the worst that could happen, OR use this time to regroup and focus on your own personal development and what you can do to get through this better than you went into it and start planning for the future. We want to help you to become a better fitness business owner as you are dealing with the "here and now" of our reality.    Today we are giving away our entire Fitness Business Mastery course for FREE right now to help you in the "here and now" you will receive ALL SEVEN Modules immediately to master your fitness business and be ready to hit the ground running when this craziness is over!  Learn directly from Alwyn and Rachel their proven strategies to make more money, change more lives, and set yourself up for a wildly successful career doing what you love. Whether you’re just getting started as a personal trainer, are ready to open your own gym and build your team, want to get published in the magazines, want to share your passion writing your own book or become a fitness speaker or celebrity, they will show you the path to a long lasting, fulfilling career in the fitness industry. Module One: You'll learn the 7 Things We Wish We Knew When We First Started As Personal Trainers Module Two: Success Secrets to Dominate in Business & Life Module Three: Simple Steps to Market Your Fitness Business Module Four: Creating A Business That Runs Without You Module Five: How to Become a High In Demand Presenter Module Six: Making Money – How to change your relationship with it, attract more of it & keep more of it. Module Seven: Get Published – What works to get an article published, be featured in magazines or get your first book published! We will wrap up with a big picture talk to tie everything together and get focused on what you want in your business & life! This course has 7 modules which, up until now, with an investment of $199, you could only access one module per week. Instead we will be giving you the entire course, all at once, to binge watch if you like! You'll get access for 14 days!  You get immediate access to the ENTIRE course for free right now, as part of a 14-day trial to our Inner Circle membership. Here's how it works: Sign-in now and get Fitness Business Mastery FREE. You have 14-days of full access to the course. Yes, the entire thing is unlocked NOW! If you don't love it or you don't want to automatically join our full Inner Circle membership, then cancel anytime before the 14-day trial ends. If you love it and stay, then you will continue to have access to the course AND we'll unlock another THREE new courses worth over $500: Mastery of Program Design ($199), Mastery of Sales ($199), and Drop Two Sizes Implementation Course ($199). These courses instantly unlock after your 14-day trial, unless you cancel, and you're automatically billed our regular Inner Circle membership fee of $97/month. Cancel anytime.  Every 30 days, we will unlock another world-class personal development course for you, worth over $199!  Yep, a brand new life-changing personal development course every month!  CANCEL ANYTIME! You may cancel your 14-day trial at any time by logging into your account under Settings or contacting [email protected] at least 24 hours before your 14-day trial ends. If you cancel, you will lose access to our Fitness Business Mastery course and any other courses or bonuses with this offer.

Free for 14 days, then a brand new course unlocks every month for $97/mo. Cancel anytime.

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