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What  do fitness business owners have to say about our online coaching?

"My experience working with Alwyn has been amazing! We spend the majority of the calls breaking down some false beliefs I have where I question the possibility of things, all to have an aha moment halfway through the call where everything clicks and registers with me. Alwyn has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I’m moving forward and has instilled a massive amount of self-belief in my ability to start playing a bigger role within the industry, not only that, but I’ve never gotten off a call and not had a big smile on my face!"

Aaron McClelland, Owner of Evolve Health & Performance in Antrim, Northern Ireland
Online business coaching member!

"I would 100% recommend this coaching to any gym owner. I gained more, and progressed more in eight weeks than I could have imagined. My confidence that I can take my business to the next level has been restored thanks to Alwyn, great ideas and understanding how to run a smarter business. Thank you Results!"

Carlee Myers, Owner of Carlee Myers Personal Training in Lansdale, PA
One of our online business coaching members!

"I worked with Alwyn for 8 weeks, when my business was closed and during the transition of reopening it due to Covid-19. Alwyn, with his expert advice, showed me what was possible with growing my business. My business is set for a record month in August 2020, when most other fitness businesses in my area are struggling. Alwyn also spent extra time with me and never made the meetings feel rushed or that he was trying to move through the meetings quickly. A must for anyone who owns a training gym and wants to learn from the best!"

Jordan Stinson, Owner of Just Start Fitness in Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Online business coaching member!

"It has been an awesome experience having Alwyn in my corner. I have never had any mentors, or coaching before apart from my uncle, so to have worked with Alwyn from the start has been absolutely epic! The financials have been surreal to think where Just Start Fitness was at when I first contacted Alwyn, and to now having a record breaking month and on course for another one in September was something I never expected. The biggest benefit I got from working with Alwyn was shifting my mindset in certain areas, particularly CLV and realizing I control the results. Alwyn's story is also something that really inspires me, as coming from Northern Ireland I would imagine is very similar to Scotland, and creating the type of business he & Rachel have in California is extremely motivating. With my new facility opening in two weeks I know my schedule is going to be full on with getting all of the things completed that need to be done. Thanks for all of your help Alwyn, £150 x 150 members is the goal!"

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"My wife Jenn and I have been in business since the early 90's. We've had a lot of experience and many coaches. Working with Rachel Cosgrove made it clear to us why being incredibly clear and focused is one of the priorities for all successful business owners. Rachel helped us clean up and target our funnel process to grow our membership. Rachel also gave us a very specific process to grow our coaching and mentoring business. The attention to detail and use of specific systems is what separates Rachel from the rest."

Lee Taft, LT Athletic Consulting
One of our online business coaching members!

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