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Be The Exception

Jul 31, 2020

So many fitness business owners are facing the hard reality right now of deciding between giving up, closing your doors for good and walking away or figuring out a way to continue to navigate this crisis through the uncertainty, shut downs and unknown future of our industry. Every day we hear of another gym closing their doors unable to hang on for one more day. It's heart breaking.

Be the exception. Be the one who gets through this pandemic and is standing strong at the end. Your clients need you. Your family needs you. The world needs you. When this is all over our industry will look very different. Health will be a #1 priority and we will have the opportunity to change the way fitness is done! Find a way to make it through!


1. Run lean right now. You have to go through your company and cut any unnecessary expenses. Avoid going into personal debt to keep your gym open. Hopefully you got the PPP and maybe an EIDL to help. Using the Profit First method continually stay at...

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Results Reopening Reset

Jun 18, 2020

After 14 weeks of having our business shut down we are open! So many emotions including gratefulness and excitement!!! Monday was day one and our clients and our team are so excited to be back in the gym! Everything went really smooth.

During our shut down we have been extremely busy taking advantage of the down time. Reopening looks a lot different than before we were shut down, and not just extra sanitizer and social distancing measures. We integrated technology, painted for a whole new fresh look, de-cluttered and streamlined our business!

As you reopen now is a great time to make some changes! Let's start thinking differently - we have a chance to hit the "reset" button on our business model after this.

What positive changes are you planning to make in your business after you reopen ? Here are five we are making!

1) We're switching to online scheduling. Yep we were still old school.

2) Restructure the number of appointments adding half hour appointments.

3) Restructure open gym...

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An interview with Kelvin Gary, Owner of Body Space Fitness in NYC

Jun 08, 2020

Click here to join into one of Body Space Fitness, NYC's Virtual Classes where all proceeds will go to or make a donation here - Click Here to Make A Donation. Do something real about injustice.

Scroll down to listen to the first interview with Kelvin all about his business and leading through Crisis during this Pandemic! 

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Meet Kelvin Gary, Owner of Body Space Fitness In NYC

Jun 04, 2020
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Meet Ben Fogel, Owner of Epic Fitness in Utah

May 20, 2020

Ben Fogel is one of the strongest leaders I know. He has overcome so much already after a personal Cancer Diagnosis a few years ago that did not stop him from continuing to show up for his team and his business. Listen as he shares his story, experiences and offers strength for leaders to overcome difficult times in business. 

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Meet Chris Borda, Owner of Y.E.S. Fitness in Connecticut

May 09, 2020

Chris Borda, owner of YES Fitness in Connecticut for 22 years and our 2020 Results University Business Owner of the Year shares his experience running his business for 22 years through 9/11, recessions and now Covid-19! 

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Re-Opening Part Four: Marketing

May 04, 2020

For our last topic in this series of re-opening we are going to touch on marketing because if you haven't thought through your marketing strategy as you get back in your gym you should start to think about it now. As the fitness industry will have dramatically changed as we reopen our gyms. Many gyms won't be reopening, those of us who are, have to find a new normal and a new level of professionalism with sanitation and safety being a higher priority than ever, many gyms won't be able to live up to the standards. There will be opportunity to stand out!

In addition, people will be more motivated than ever to figure out how to be healthy and fit with strong immune systems wanting experts to help them to make exercise a priority.

Start to build your marketing "funnels" now. A funnel simply means you are putting the right message in front of the right people to start to build a relationship of knowing, liking and trusting you to eventually want to learn more from you and finally invest...

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Re-opening Part Three: Programming

May 01, 2020

We're pretty excited about this piece of re-opening! The fitness industry is going to be changed forever after this and one of the things that will change is people wanting expertise and science to ensure that their fitness program is the best it can be to get them as healthy and fit as possible. The days of large group one size fits all bootcamp style workouts are long gone.

We've already had coaches emailing us asking about our programming templates which we have been using for years and have only shared with our Mastermind Coaching Members. It's our secret sauce! Our Mastery of Program Design Course is available as part of our Inner Circle!

As you do re-open we have three responsibilities:

1. Safety: This is our first priority with our programming always. Now with Covid-19 among us this has to take a step up and this will affect your programming. Limitations such as not having anyone share equipment, keeping them 6 feet apart at all times and allowing time for hourly cleaning...

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Re-Opening Part Two: Communication

Apr 30, 2020

Now that you have your 4 part re-opening protocols and procedures nailed down so you'll be ready when you get the green light it's time to think about how you will communicate all of this. Communication is as important as what you are doing. You can be taking every measure to create a perfectly sanitized, disinfected, Covid-19 free bubble but if nobody knows they still won't come.

Communicating frequently, transparently and honestly through this whole thing is key. If you haven't been communicating at all start today with just a quick Live Facebook video or atleast a post connecting with your clients. Have 1-3 teaching points to share and also be available for questions. Communicating with your clients keeps them connected to you. They like to hear from you! I've had clients say, "Hearing your voice makes me feel normal."

When you are ready (you have the green light from the government that it is safe to open and you've taken the time to get everything in place feeling confident...

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Grand re-opening checklist-Part One

Apr 29, 2020

Week 7 of quarantining and some states are in the beginning stages of re-opening! If you're in a state that is getting ready to re-open make sure you are ready before you open your doors! All of this hard work to maintain your business and keep everything going is only going to matter if you have a re-open strategy that sets you up to hit the ground running making your clients feel super safe. This is your opportunity to stand out as the obvious choice if you want to go to an in-person gym.

Part One(below) - Cleaning, social distancing and safety parameters.

Part Two - Communication to your members(tomorrow)

Part Three - Programming - We'll share our ideas on some programming shifts you need to make to keep everyone safe.(Friday)

Part Four - Marketing - As you re-open you want to have your marketing funnels in place to continue to attract new members. (Saturday)

Initially re-open discreetly to start getting your current raving fan clients in first who you have mutual trust with so...

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