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Snowboarding Lessons

Nov 04, 2019

One of the secrets to my success is that I ALWAYS surround myself with people who challenge & push me to grow, learn, take risks and reach my potential. I would never be where I am without coaches, mentors, colleagues, family, friends, my husband…who encourage and support me – “You can do it!”

My recent Snowboarding trip was no exception. I headed to Mammoth with a friend of mine who happens to be an expert snowboarder.

When we talk about the levels of knowledge being –

Level 1 (None) – You don’t know that you don’t know(someone who doesn’t even know snowboarding is an option).

Level 2 (Some) – You know that you don’t know (you’ve spent your first day on a snowboard falling & possibly frustrated because you’re bruised and not having fun) – when most people quit! I had to relearn to snowboard because it had been so long and spent a good amount of time here on day one, falling and...

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Training Schizophrenia

May 06, 2019

Do you have Training Schizophrenia?

Are you focused more on cardio, and just trying to improve your overall health – taking fish oil, resveratrol, and greens drinks, etc.

Then you go to a seminar with Pavel Tsatsouline and watch him do a single leg squat for a bunch of reps and throw the kettlebell around as if it was nothing so you start doing that…

Then you talk to Mike Boyle or Gray Cook and you’re all about movement patterns and functional training.

Then you read something John Berardi, Mike Roussell or Tom Venuto wrote and you decide that you need to get super-lean.

Then you watch boxing or the UFC and remember how much you loved fighting and maybe you should make a comeback and train for just one more fight….

But then you go hang out with Matt Rhodes, Vinnie Dizenza, Jim Wendler and Dave Tate and decide that you’re too small and too weak and should eat your way up to 275 and work solely on max strength.

Then your wife reminds you that you are a 40+...

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I Don't Do Drama, I Do Business

Apr 08, 2019

We do our best to maintain a drama free zone at Results Fitness. With our core value #3 Be Honest & Transparent if someone has something negative to say about someone or something we have an honest conversation to work together as a team to fix it ASAP and move forward “doing what we do & doing it together!” If you know me personally you know that if I have something to say I’ll say it to you, never behind your back.

We follow the Dave Ramsey’s No Gossip Policy. We have too much to do leading in the industry, changing lives while changing the way fitness is done to get caught up in anything that doesn’t move us forward! My focus is always on leading this fast moving company toward our mission!

I ain’t got time for gossip or drama! I got shit to do!

Who’s with me? 

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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Listen Up!

Oct 12, 2018

I absolutely believe that whatever nudge you feel in your soul, that voice telling you to reach for more, that you have something bigger to share with the world is right on and you should listen! If you feel like you keep getting pulled in a certain direction don’t ignore it.

I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t tune into my intuition regularly. You know when you are doing exactly what you were meant to do and you also know deep down when you are not. If something doesn’t feel right about your current situation whether it is the career path that you are on or that you’re holding back listen!

There are moments when you get a signal that you know you are on the right path and are exactly where you are supposed to be. You also experience a sense of flow when you are doing what you are meant to be doing.

When I was coaching at the gym these moments would come to me with my clients hearing them have a breakthrough and that I had helped them. Helping my...

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The Fat Loss Business Lesson

Apr 10, 2018

When we teach our clients about fat loss at Results Fitness, we usually include a lesson about physiology that teaches them that there is never a zero change in body fat levels at any one point. Sure, you may stay at the exact same weight and body fat percentage from week to week, but all that actually means in physiological terms is that your body spent the exact same amount of time, storing body fat in the exact same amount as it did burning fat.

The net effect is “no change” but as a basic premise there’s never a situation where the body is neither storing or burning fat. The physiology doesn’t stop. The tank is being filled or drained.

Your business is the same way.

Think of your business (or yourself) as having a “gauge” of, for example, your professionalism.

Every interaction you have is going to move the needle to “more professional” or “less professional”. Which is really "more business" or "less business".


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I'm Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Nov 13, 2017

We are at an exciting time for women! Women are coming into their power, realizing their potential of the gifts they have to offer the world no longer being afraid or lacking confidence to step up and take opportunities.

I know so many strong women in my life who are the sole providers for their families, many opening their own companies or moving up in their jobs to higher powered positions, taking on more than they ever have before.

More and more fitness professionals in our Results Fitness University Coaching Programopening gyms are women either on their own or together with their spouse(and we all know who the boss is:)). Being a lady boss is becoming the norm and I have to say we’re really good at it. When it comes to qualities that make a good leader…detail oriented, empathetic, good listeners, multitasking, driven…no wonder women are starting to take over. All of this while still continuing to be the amazing wife, mother & role model for others and yes...

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Permission To Be A Diva

Feb 14, 2017

It’s a shame to call somebody a diva simply because they work harder than everybody else. –Jennifer Lopez

 As you learn to guard your time, know what your time is worth, watch out for yourself and stick to your boundaries you may get labeled a “diva.” This is not a bad thing. In fact, I give you permission to be a diva.

There was a time when I would do anything for anyone at a moments notice. I wanted everyone to “like” me, and I still do. A few years ago, I had signed a contract with one of the biggest companies I had ever signed with. When they said jump, I would jump. No matter what time of day they called I’d answer or call them right back (many times after 8pm at night or on the weekends), if they sent an email I’d email right back. If they asked me to get on a plane tomorrow and be somewhere, I’d clear my schedule and make it happen. I wanted to please.

As women we are people pleasers. We want people to like us. Many...

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