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Results Fitness Online Coaching System

It's easy to get distracted. This year more than ever we've had thousands of things pulling at our attention and frying our nervous system from politics to Corona Virus to shut downs. On top of all that you've been running around like crazy implementing new delivery systems and giving everything you can to save your business adapting, changing, pivoting as you do your best to keep calm and carry on.

Take a deep breathe. As we near the end of 2020 rather than continue to chase "Shiny New Objects" looking for the next pivot let's focus on streamlining what we have so far.

That's right - Do not add, implement, change one more thing before you STOP and unpeel the layers of what you have put into place so far in 2020 and make sure it's set up with systems in place to be an asset to your business and not a drain.

For example, I imagine by now you've added some kind of online option to your business. Have you sat down and made sure you have the Online Coaching System mapped out so that every online client gets the same experience? And every coach knows how to carry out an online coaching experience effectively? Hang tight - we share ours below!

If you don't have a team of coaches yet we still recommend you write down your system of how you do things. Why? A few reasons. (ONE) it'll leverage your time better if you have it systemized and can create templates, checklists and scripts to easily plug and play without always having to start from scratch and (TWO) we want you to grow your business to be bigger than you and have a team eventually. Start to dream big. And when you do start adding team members if your systems are already nailed down you can easily hand over whatever jobs you choose.

Let's talk about systems real quick as I know that word can cause overwhelm in itself...where do I start? How do I systemize my business?

READ THIS. Keep It Simple. A system is going to fall into one of three things: A template, a checklist or a script. Decide one thing in your business that you will create a system for today and put together a checklist, a template or a script for that thing.

For example, this week as a team we sat down and put together our checklist for an Online Coaching Client.

When someone hires us to coach them as an online client our team will go through our new system, a checklist from start to finish getting them set up right and on the path to be a long term Results Fitness client. Once we wrote this system down as a team we all felt better knowing what the expectations were and having a clear step-by-step path to follow each time.

Here's our system, a checklist(which also includes 6 of our existing systems):

1. Client contacts us by email, text, messenger or phone call.

2. We follow the script(System 1) to set up an initial call.

3. Initial Call - Sales Script(System 2) followed to close the sale before setting up the strategy session with their coach.

4. Agreement is emailed out and returned and they are invited to the VIP Facebook Group.

5. Strategy Session with their coach going through the checklist(System 3) doing an FMS, Training History, what Equipment they have and set up their weekly call schedule.

6. Coach writes individualized program using our templates(System 4) and onboards them to BridgeAthletic.

7. Coach shoots a video to send to the client following the script(System 5) with an explanation of their program, expectations and FAQ's

8. Coach has a weekly call with client going through the weekly call checklist(System 6).

Ahhhhh doesn't that feel better to have it written down in a step-by-step format, or a system which happens to be a checklist in this case.

Put one system in your business today and start to feel the overwhelm and stress melt away.

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