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Results Reopening Reset

gym owner reopen gym Jun 18, 2020

After 14 weeks of having our business shut down we are open! So many emotions including gratefulness and excitement!!! Monday was day one and our clients and our team are so excited to be back in the gym! Everything went really smooth.

During our shut down we have been extremely busy taking advantage of the down time. Reopening looks a lot different than before we were shut down, and not just extra sanitizer and social distancing measures. We integrated technology, painted for a whole new fresh look, de-cluttered and streamlined our business!

As you reopen now is a great time to make some changes! Let's start thinking differently - we have a chance to hit the "reset" button on our business model after this.

What positive changes are you planning to make in your business after you reopen ? Here are five we are making!

1) We're switching to online scheduling. Yep we were still old school.

2) Restructure the number of appointments adding half hour appointments.

3) Restructure open gym (appt based) - this will be a couple weeks away

4) Continue with remote coaching and streaming classes. We have a new business, Results Everywhere!

5) We are completely switching from paper programs to using the Bridge Athletic App.

Overall this will help with improving operations, staffing and eventually income and profit.

We have had inner circle members also making changes that they have learned from us and haven't had a chance to implement yet. This is a great time to introduce semi-private coaching, get annual agreements in place and nail down your core values to hire your team from and build your culture.

The easy part is deciding to make some changes. The hard part is actually making the changes.


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