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More VIP Platinum Coaching and Mastermind Group Testimonials

"The Results University Masterminds continue to impress me in the quality of the content and the impact they make on my business and personal life."

John Agbelusi
Owner of Get Cut Fitness in Camarillo, CA

"I would not be starting my own business if I didn't have the help and the support of Results University. I have every confidence that I will be wildly successful at the end of this first year!"

Grace Barnick
Owner of FitPath Coaching, Based in San Diego, CA

"Tons of useful and actionable information provided by a community of fitness professionals. The roundtable [discussions] provided an opportunity for uncomfortable introspection designed to help me improve the operation of my business."

Leon Beeloo
Owner of Be Fit South Shore Boot Camp & Personal Training in Rockland, MA

"This was my first Mastermind. Not sure what to expect, and honestly it felt overwhelming at first, but as I settled in I realized that I do belong here because my goals need this level of accountability & inspiration. I have a long way to go, but I know that I need to stay the course and not quit!"

John Bermudez
Owner of Endurance Fitness Performance in San Diego, CA

"The power of the group is amazing! I get refocused on my business by hashing out my challenges and get so many new ideas from the other business owners."

Chris Borda
Owner of YES Fitness in Burlington, CT

"I have been a part of Results University for over 10 years and I am still bringing home actionable items that bring my business and my lifestyle to another level. The insights and feedback from the team are priceless!"

Greg Carbone
Owner of Carbone Fitness in Eatontown, NJ

"I'm so grateful for the tools that I leave with. I feel like I've been able to progress much more rapidly personally - and have generated inspiration for money/revenue building ideas. I always leave feeling more knowledgeable and aware!"

Kevin Carrington
Office Manager at Awaken Studios and Retreats in Murray, UT

"Being surrounded by passionate business owners that so generously give and share their knowledge inspires me to become the business owner that will generously give and share MY successes that I know are now inevitable by being part of RFU."

Chip Coleman
Co-owner of Motus Performance in Tucson, AZ

"It would be impossible to enter into the changes we are making in our business without the knowledge, guidance, and support of experienced, successful fitness business owners lead by Rachel & Alwyn and the other authentic, caring, and generous business owners."

Gale Coleman
Co-owner of Motus Performance in Tucson, AZ

"Being surrounded by other professionals looking to grow and discussing key details to achieve our ideal lifestyle was invaluable to get [us] one step closer."

Anthony Cruz
COO Director of Tactical Performance at Progressive HP in Murrieta, CA

"Coming to the [Mastermind] event was a challenge, mentally, due to the state we felt our business was in. We just hit the eight year mark, but being at a loss financially, it felt like there was no reason to celebrate. We, however, do have wins and I was able to see them here. Having a community, who has battled uphill, to talk with and get help from allows me to recognize the reason again - and hope."

Brynn Esbenshade
Co-owner of Temple Fitness in Federal Way, WA

"RFU always delivers great take-aways from like-minded people in a safe & inviting environment for owners to share their concerns, their problems, tough transitions, etc. We always leave with solutions for our shared items."

Amy Fogel
"The Boss" at Epic Fitness in Salt Lake City, UT

"I love seeing the improvements of every business owner each time I come to a Mastermind event. It is so amazing to be a part of like-minded business owners that actually know you and that are always willing to help."

Ben Fogel
Owner of Epic Fitness in Salt Lake City, UT

"Before the [Mastermind] event I had questions about which direction to push the business, but after listening to everyone's presentations and hot seats, I know exactly what I need to do. I would wholeheartedly recommend joining Results Fitness University if you want clear, actionable steps to move your business forward!"

Matthew Guffey
Owner of Victory High Performance in San Jose, CA

"I love the time I get to come and refocus on my business among like-minded professionals. It's a great time for new ideas, refocusing, and also just being able to fill my tank per se, and be ready to go home and attack my business again."

Joe Hansen
Owner of Awaken Studios and Retreats in Murray, UT

"The quality and character of the group is exceptional. I appreciate the focus on systems and the greater purpose of running a business. I find the Cosgrove’s to be genuine and in line with the type of coaching program I am seeking to grow both personally and professionally."

Alli Kerr
Owner of The Pink Physique in Macon, GA

"Every mastermind gets better & better! I have learned so much about growing our business while staying true to who we are…the RFU family is the best!"

Suzanne Klaus
Co-owner of Forward Fitness in Maplewood, MO

"Before joining Results Fitness University, I had to try to run my business all by myself. Now that I have this group, I can learn from the best practices of others and share my own insights. I don't need to reinvent the wheel and neither do they. They are also some of the most enjoyable, inspiring people I can imagine being around. This was the best business decision that I've ever made!"

Alec Liberman
Owner of On Target Fitness in Portsmouth, NH

"Alwyn & Rachel are great! They work so hard for us finding new and interesting ways to challenge us and ensure our success. Here forever!"

Mike Luepke
Co-owner of Valeo / Training in Holland, MI

"The Cosgroves set the bar high; they deliver content and coaching that will change your life. Being part of this elite group of professionals is a privilege. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with opportunity and abundance."

Kari Negraiff
Co-owner of Envision Fitness in Pitt Meadows, BC

"The in-person [Mastermind] events continue to get better and become "can't miss" events. The RFU staff continues to deliver better content, and the members elevate the standard each and every time!"

Jordan & Mandy Rudolph
Owners of Unity Fitness in La Crosse, WI

"I can't imagine how any fitness buisness can possibly thrive in today's environment without Results Fitness University. Our membership in this group helps us not only keep our business as sharp as possible, but pushes us to be leaders in our community with integrity, self-respect, and dignity."

Caleb Terray
Co-Owner of Breakthrough Strength + Fitness in Woodland Hills, CA

"Thank you for providing a space where we can all feel safe to share honestly and position ourselves to grow. There is a solution to every problem and this group always helps us find it!"

Kati Terray
Co-owner of Breakthrough Strength + Fitness in Woodland Hills, CA

"Attended my first Mastermind [October 2019] and I only had an idea of what to expect. I will say that my expectations have been exceeded! I am truly excited to put my inspiration into action and to follow through with the tasks that lay ahead. I appreciate the friends I have made, the Cosgroves, and everyone a part of Results University. I am looking forward to what we can all accomplish together in the future."

Tyler Thomas
Co-Owner of Rise Performance Training in Fort Wayne, IN


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